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Meet the team
Meet the team


Managing Trustee, Volunteer

Chris made the decision to create Child Aid Gambia in 2011 with his daughter, Katy. Having travelled around the world, he has been involved in charitable projects and Christian mission his entire life, and now wishes to pass on his legacy of selflessness and dedication to inspire younger generations. Alongside his practical work for Child Aid Gambia, Chris is also our chief photographer and graphic designer.

Chris and his daughter Katy were awarded the Keys to the capital city of Banjul in 2017, for their part in providing the Ndangan Water Project and ongoing support for impoverished children in The Gambia. 


Trustee, Volunteer

Katy is 23 years old, and founded Child Aid Gambia alongside her father when she was twelve. She is a qualified Occupational Therapist, and works to help disabled and marginalised people in both the UK and The Gambia to reach their full potential. Despite the difficulties she has had to face in her personal life, including a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and the loss of her mother to breast cancer aged five, Katy is determined to share love and compassion around the world.

In April 2016 Katy won the 18th Jane Brownlee Scholarship at Aylesbury High School,Katy and her father Chris were awarded the Keys to the capital city of Banjul in 2017, for their part in providing the Ndangan Water Project and ongoing support for impoverished children in The Gambia.



Yusupha joined the team in 2016, following the tragic passing of Alex Ngum, our previous Project Manager in February of that year. He has worked in the Gambian charitable sector for many years, and is enthusiastic in providing support to our various projects. Yusupha works hard to ensure the success of Child Aid Gambia’s programmes, and his experience and commitment makes him an asset to the team.


Ndangan Community Co-ordinator and Case worker

Pascaline was born and lives in Ndangan, a shanty town outside of Banjul. She is also the Ndangan nursery school teacher. We appointed Pascaline as the Community Co-ordinator following the success of the 2014 Ndangan Water Project, in order to have a direct link with the children in Ndangan and provide them with ongoing support. Pascaline helps us to continue our work in Ndangan, by notifying us of their needs as the community grows and develops. She is passionate about helping to improve the lives of children in poverty, and has great understanding and empathy for the children we support.


Case worker

Sean Paul is one of our case workers for the Western division of The Gambia, including Banjul, Serekunda, Bakoteh and Brikama. Sean Paul was born and currently lives in the shanty town Ndangan, alongside fellow case worker Pascaline and many of the children we are supporting. Sean Paul is a compassionate man with a great devotion and love for the children he meets, and he is committed to ensuring the continued success of our projects across The Gambia.

Alhajie Ousainou Ngum (ALEX)

Gambian Project Manager (2011 – 2016)

Alex was our Project Manager from the formation of our charity in 2011 to his death in 2016. He was the co-ordinator of our Ndangan Water Project, and helped us greatly in establishing our first few projects in The Gambia. He passed away unexpectedly in February 2016, leaving behind his wife Bhinta and four children. His friendship and support to us will never be forgotten as we move forward as a charity.


Alongside our main team, we also have various case workers in The Gambia who help us to manage our projects within communities. They can be parents or guardians, teachers or religious and community leaders, all of whom are passionate about helping us in our work to eliminate poverty throughout The Gambia. Case workers are responsible for updating us on the communities and children we’re supporting, as well as playing an important role in the initial process of assessing the immediate needs of a child and their family as they join our sponsorship and support schemes.

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