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Faith Outreach
Faith Outreach
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Alongside our various aid projects, Child Aid Gambia is also involved in a dedicated Christian faith outreach in The Gambia. We believe firmly in supporting the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of Gambian children and their communities, as a vital addition to the work we do to provide for their physical health and security.

Only 8% of The Gambia’s population identifies as Christian, which means that the Christian churches and communities we meet are often limited in their provision of faith resources. With so many children in The Gambia dealing with poverty, inequality and other frightening and traumatising personal circumstances, the comforting foundation that faith can provide to them is invaluable.

Many of the children we work with have endured horrific situations – from bereavement, sickness and extreme poverty to abuse, neglect and trafficking. The emotional and spiritual scars that are left behind can be wide-reaching and complex, preventing these children from having the childhoods they deserve. With no understanding of how loved, special and important they are, they begin to lose all hope. With no hope, they develop feelings of depression and apathy, which keep them from learning, playing and socialising like children should.

A child’s journey with Jesus

Since our formation, we have worked alongside Christian faith communities to bring hope and security to Gambian families. Through providing Bibles to churches and other Christian books and resources to faith schools and Christian settlements, we are reinforcing our commitment to Gambian children by giving them greater access to the Word of God. For impoverished and often marginalised Christian groups, receiving this support is a vital part of what we do – offering them a greater sense of closeness and relationship to Jesus through His unconditional love and compassion for each and every one of us.

For Christian children in particular, storybooks and pictures are a vital introduction to their journey with God as they live and grow. Many of the stories of courage, bravery and overcoming adversity in the Bible that we know by heart are unfamiliar to Gambia’s young Christians, who may struggle to read English or further their understanding of their faith. We work to supplement children’s understanding of God through picture-books, large-print storybooks, faith-based toys and other resources that can be shared in the community, so that the children we support know that they are truly loved by Him.

Our faith outreach

Child Aid Gambia has worked in collaboration with Global Recordings, to provide audio Bibles as a much-needed faith resource in rural Gambian communities where illiteracy is high. The wind-up audio Bibles provide a sustainable source of Scripture, requiring no electricity to run, and are encased in durable plastic to prevent breakages. The audio Bibles we provide are in the native Gambian languages of Wolof, Jola and Mandinka, meaning that children and adults alike can access the Word of God regardless of their age or educational background. The audio Bibles allow Gambians to experience the Bible in a completely new way that is personal to them and their culture – and for some, this is a chance to read the Bible for the very first time.

Our faith outreach includes the provision of pastoral support to Christian communities in The Gambia. Through prayer and education, we are uplifting Gambian Christians in their faith and helping them to find hope through difficult circumstances. Our faith outreach serves to supplement our physical aid projects, providing for the complete needs of marginalised Christian children through securing their health, supporting their education and upholding their faith and spirituality.

Part of Genesis. 1:1 in the Mandinka language

Part of Genesis. 1:1 in the Wolof language

Part of Genesis. 1:1 in the Jola language

The Bible Journey website is a great new way to explore The Bible

Hope and strength

For Christians all over the world, knowing God and His unconditional love can be a lifeline in times of pain and hardship. We are supporting Christian families in The Gambia through providing a means for them to express their faith, and we are always looking for new ways to do this.

We are always delighted to hear of churches and Christian groups who are willing to help us in our faith outreach. Through collections for churches in The Gambia, fundraising for audiobook Bibles in native Gambian languages, and donations of written Bibles and other Christian resources, you can help Gambian Christians to strengthen their relationship with God.

If you or your church are interested in participating in our faith outreach, get in touch with us here.

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