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Medical HELP 2024 - 2025

Child Aid Gambia is supporting children living in poverty across The Gambia to access healthcare when they most need it. Healthcare is a right – all children deserve to have medicine and medical care when they are sick or injured, but poverty is often a barrier preventing children from accessing the care they may desperately need. With preventable, treatable illnesses like malaria and cholera rife in The Gambia, we want to do everything we can to support children to stay healthy as they grow. 

We are always looking for more children to support, and so we are offering to pay medical bills and expenses for impoverished and disadvantaged children living in The Gambia who are under 18. We believe that no child should go without medical care due to poverty or family difficulties.

As part of our health outreach, we are looking to provide funding for children who would not otherwise be able to access medical care when they are ill or injured.

To apply send us an email to 


Child Aid Gambia is a Christian charity that is motivated by faith and guided by humility. We believe in a vision for a better world for all children, regardless of their personal beliefs or spiritual background. We are working to provide emotional and spiritual support to children who need it, once we have done everything we can to secure their physical health and safety.

We are a non-profit charity that works to reduce childhood poverty, inequality and suffering in The Gambia and Senegal. We formed in 2011, and work alongside families, schools, churches and communities to give disadvantaged children a brighter tomorrow.

The children we help are among the poorest in The Gambia. We prioritise children who have been impacted the hardest by poverty – those who have been orphaned or live on the streets, those who have been abused or neglected, and those who work on the Bakoteh rubbish dump and  those without access to their basic needs and children from marginalised groups, such as disabled children and vulnerable girls.

Guided by faith and inspired by the unconditional love of God, we are a Christian charity who supports children of all beliefs and backgrounds. Regardless of what a child may have been through or the severity of poverty they have endured, we believe that they are important, special, and deserving of a new beginning.

We are standing up for all children in The Gambia, protecting their right to have a safe and happy childhood.

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We are raising money to ship storybooks and textbooks to schools in The Gambia, giving Gambian children the opportunity to read stories about what it means to be a black and African child. These books will provide valuable representation for children in The Gambia, who often miss out on seeing characters like themselves in books and other media. 

A £5 donation will pay for one book to be sent out to a school in The Gambia. Click  donate  to make a donation, and help us to provide more books for Gambian children today!



Our child sponsorship programme provides for every aspect of a child’s life, not just their schooling and education. We aim to uplift our sponsored children and prepare them for a better future, by supporting their complete physical and emotional wellbeing.


Access to clean drinking water free of disease and contamination is vital to survival. We work to provide better, safer water sources for children in their schools and villages, to keep them healthy and prevent the spread of fatal illnesses such as cholera.


Poor access to medical equipment and support for ill health is a leading cause of preventable death in The Gambia. We support hospitals and clinics in their work to keep children healthy, as well as providing vital first-aid kits and education to communities.


Our feeding programmes provide relief and respite to low-income families, by giving children nutritious meals in times of great hardship. Adequate nutrition is key to a child’s development, and provides them with the good start in life that they need.


We are a Christian charity helping children from all faith backgrounds, while still providing traditional Bibles, audiobook Bibles in Gambian languages and other Christian resources for children to churches and villages through our faith outreach.


Disabled children in The Gambia are often the victims of stigma, discrimination and abuse. We work alongside respite carers to provide equipment and education, so that disabled Gambian children can be safe, happy and have the best quality of life possible.

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