Child Aid Gambia is a small charity with a big vision set up in 2011 by Katy and Chris Roberts and the support of our Gambian team of volunteers in the land of babies on backs and balancing acts. Our Christian identity underpins everything that we do. Motivated by our faith, everyone at Child Aid Gambia is committed to following the teaching and example of Jesus Christ in his identification with those who are poor, vulnerable or forgotten.
In practical terms, this simply means that we want to make a positive difference to disadvantaged children and young people of the republic of the Gambia as an expression and sign of God’s unconditional love.

We work predominantly with destitute street children and those who are suffering great hardship because of their personal circumstances. Most of the children we help are suffering from malnutrition and have no access to a safe clean water supply or proper sanitation. Many suffer as a result of contracting deadly diseases such as cholera and malaria, which are widespread but preventable with the right aid. Hundreds of children and young people live and work on the streets of Banjul and in border towns because they are orphaned or their parents are too poor to look after them. Street children in The Gambia spend an average of six hours a day roaming the streets and begging, which often stops them from attending school and thus causes them to miss out on the best opportunity they have to find their way out of poverty. Clean and safe water is also a vital aspect of our work in the Gambia. We provide boreholes and water systems for remote communities, in order to prevent waterborne diseases and improve the living conditions of many children.