Our sponsors have been overwhelmingly generous in their kindness, support and donations over the years. We'd like to thank all our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts, as they have helped us to achieve some truly life-changing things, such as completing our Ndagan Water Project with help from Water-to-Go.

We are still in need of sponsors for our many projects across the Gambia. Everything you pledge to us will go straight to where it is needed most, and if you pledge money towards the development of a well, borehole or water system we can also get it named after you so you have a lifelong memory of what you have achieved with us.

Most children in the Gambia cannot attend school because their families are unable to afford the fees there is no free education in The Gambia. Child Aid Gambia believes that education provides Gambian children with a route out of the poverty trap if you wish to sponsor a child it is easy all you have to do is decide how much you can afford.

£5 a month sponsors a nursery child's education.
£10 a month sponsors a primary school child.
£12 a month sponsors school fees for secondary school student.
 (The above amounts include a handmade school uniform for your child and the books they need and also provides food for lunch time while your child is at school.)
£20 a month will sponsor a disabled child at Hart House.
£5 will buy a mosquito net for a child (Made especially for us in the Gambia).

We also have children’s books that we send out to the Gambia with a special African theme and are available in various prices from £5 to £15. The books have the name of the donor stamped into them.

We are looking for sponsorship from individuals, families, schools, churches, business and clubs. If you would like to sponsor us, go to our Contact page and email us for more information. Child Aid Gambia is truly grateful for all the hard work and support we've received from our sponsors. We honestly could not achieve as much as we do without them, and we are exceedingly thankful that so many people have stepped forward to change the lives of children in the Gambia.









We are looking for individuals and churches to donate Bibles, Christian books and other Christian items such as crucifix necklaces and pendants for us to give to the Christian communities we are supporting in the Gambia.

Most Christians in the Gambia have no access to God's Word as Christianity is a minority, so the chance to give them their own personal Bibles would certainly help them to grow in faith and use Scripture for prayer, education and as a token and symbol of hope beyond the poverty they have to endure.

Christians make up only 7% of the Gambian population. Bibles and other Christian items are not available, and many are left without proper resources of their own to use in church and for worshipping at home and in their own communities. Donating these items and sending them out will make worshipping for Christian Gambians a much easier and more fulfilling experience, especially when it comes to having their own copies of the Bible.

Christian children will also greatly benefit from such donations as they will be able to start learning more about God from a younger age. While many Christian children in the Western world receive Bibles as gifts at christenings when they are young, Gambian children simply do not have the same opportunities as they are unavailable. Giving Bibles will help these children to feel more connected with God in their worship, education and particularly during difficult times.