We are continuing our rice bag donation campaign for poor children and their families throughout the country. £25 will buy a 50kg bag of rice, which feeds a family of 5 for one month. This is extremely vital for many of the families we work with; especially considering that the rainy season is fast approaching. Life becomes extremely difficult for Gambian families during the summer rains, as flooding makes travelling to get food much harder than usual, and diseases increase due to the rise in mosquitoes and unsanitary conditions in the floods.

To donate one or more bags of rice is simple: Scroll down this page to the drop down box, select how many bags of rice you wish to donate, and click on the donate button. This will take you to the secure PayPal/credit card page. We will buy the bags of rice and transport them to poor families within 48 hours, sending you a message when the rice has been purchased followed by a delivery report when the rice has been delivered to the family. We will then upload photos of your rice and the family you have helped to our Facebook page.